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What are the advantages of ceramic tile table

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What are the advantages of ceramic tile table?

See a message from my friend saying that I want to open a coffee shop. I don't know whether it's better to choose marble or ceramic tile table. Xiaobian would like to recommend ceramic tile table for you. Let's take a look at what's good about ceramic tile table.

tile table

(1) Environmental security: the most important thing for this kind of console is environmental tribute. Because the control panel of integral ambry is to use particlegameboard, density control panel to do base material, even if circuit board again environmental aegis, also want to use glue inescapably. So even if the locker add-in reaches the environmental trade protection standard, there will still be formaldehyde residue.

tile table

(2) Good operation: it is not only solid and environmental friendly, but also meets the three requirements of watertrial impression, firetest copy and insect cogent evidence. At the same time, it also has the functions of corrosion resistance, acid resistance, good cleaning, oil resistance and grinding resistance. This is a point that no other kind of cabinet can replace.

(3) Durable: durable is the first, general wooden storage locker service life is 3-5 years, or even shorter. And ceramic closet at least 10 years, and even the same life twosome as the house. The basic framework of the storage locker is made of ceramic roofing tiles and aluminum metal, and the countertop is also made of cement, so it is stronger and more durable than the overall console of the general wooden frame.


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