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Cane swing chair has "smell"

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Cane swing chair has "smell"?

Today, Xiaobian received a private letter of the alphabet. A little friend installed a cane basket chair in his coffee shop, but he found that the smell of paint was lingering for a long time, which was quite distressing. Let's talk about how to remove the paint smell of cane swing chair.

swing chair

(1) Fill the container with cold water, then put some vinegar in the ventilation room, and open the door of the furniture. In this way, the water can be evaporated properly to protect the coating surface on the top of the wall, and the residual odor can be absorbed and eliminated.

swing chair

(2) Buy some pineapple plants and put them in each room. You can put more ananass in large elbow rooms. Because ananas is a kind of coarse fiber yield, which can not only absorb the smell of paint, but also can send out the bouquet of pineapple plant, accelerate the speed of removing the odor, and play a perfect core.

(3) To speedily remove residual paint smell, soak cotton balls with citric acid and hang them indoors or in wooden furniture.

(4) The newly decorated houses often have the smell of water and other pungent chemical materials. Put a unkept pineapple beloved in the house. Because the pineapple beloved is big and has a strong fragrance, it can absorb the odor in a few days.

(5) You can go to the market and choose some high-tech odor removers, which can remove the harmful gases emitted by new houses and furniture. According to the introduction of relevant people, these flavor removing cleaners are generally imported products, which use ammonia compounds to react with harmful messages, so as to play a role in flavor removing and cleaning. In the newly decorated elbow room, the odor remover can be poured into the plate, put the plate in each elbow room severally, and then combined with the scrubbing and odor removing method, the unpleasant smell can be effectively removed after several days.

(6) Two basins of saltwater can be put indoors, and the smell of paint will be eliminated quickly. If it's the smell of paint emitted by wood furniture, you can


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